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contact: learning@dallascontemporary.org

Espace, the New Learning Center

The transformation of Gallery 5 into a creative learning center and lounge for visitors and members will not only add a unique element of design to Dallas Contemporary but will also promote education to the public sphere by integrating traditional and contemporary learning materials into an inspiring environment. This striking and challenging learning center will include iPads, information and entertainment on flat screen monitors, digital and physical periodicals, and music.

Espace will be a refreshing environment for visitors and members for nourishment, reflection, and inspiration. Large screen monitors will showcase artists through interviews, artist generated projects, visitor reflections, and member thoughts through educational videos. Bookshelves will align a wall with a wide array of exhibition catalogues, art magazines, and contemporary culture.

Along with informal learning experiences, structured programs such as Chit Chats, conversations with artists and curators, Art Think student visits, and college course discussions can be held in the learning center.

This diverse learning center allows for all types of learners, the bookish and the gadget inclined. The space will include music and a VIP environment where visitors come to rejuvenate, participate, and be comforted by contemporary art. Dallas Contemporary is committed to engaging the public through exhibitions and education programs and the learning center will be the conduit.

Thank you, Tammy Cotton Hartnett, for helping to launch Dallas Contemporary's Espace.